I use technology in all the facets of my work, but I thought it was worth having a separate category for geekery that goes beyond what you'd expect to see in my professional work in the other categories.  Here's some of the stuff I can share that goes beyond what you might expect of a Project Leader, Aviator, or Media Relations professional.


ALMIS Decision Support System Quick Start

I taught myself RoboHelp and developed the first iteration of the online help system delivered with the Decision Support System of the Aviation Logistics Management Information System.  I'm proud that I got it done, but also proud of the decision to quickly hire a small team to take over implementation duties, including developing and maintaining the online help.


ALMIS Gram blog platform

As the ALMIS Project Manager, I designed and coded Active Server Page-based blogging platform in 2000 as the ALMIS Project Manager.   It was nice little weekend project that I wound up incrementally tweaking and relying on for the next two years as developed and deployed ALMIS throughout Coast Guard Aviation.





Co-Webmaster for University of Texas Graduate School of Business Information Management Association from 1997 to 1999.  Built with a back end database so users could create and manage their resumes to be searched and displayed in HTML.

You can try out the interactive "members" section by using the name "guest" and the password "guest."  Feel free to poke around, but please don't change the password.


Runcast "Small Steps"

You may do best to close your eyes to avoid vertigo.  The words are all that really matters.  I explain why you succeed in enterprise IT by taking small steps.  This was an experiment with the medium of recording video while running.  Even with my minimalist shoes and good form, it's still awful bouncy.  But the message is worth a listen.


Walkthrough of Editing a MS Word Doc on CG Portal

My team makes the most of the enterprise tools to collaborate  transparently.  But it wasn't always easy.  When folks were struggling to do what should have been simple using the somewhat dull and obtuse tools, I decided to make a screencast of the process.  This also became the little task where I learned to do the basics with ScreenFlow.


Employee Self Service System

While at University of Texas, designed and coded "Employee Self Service System" as project for a design class.  The assignment only called for designing and mocking up the site.  I went the extra mile to build a working system with a database back end.  It's an intranet-based (demo-ed as an internet-based) corporate directory, hiring, and benefits system.  You can log in with the last name "Guest" and the social security number "999 99 9999".


Customer Online Review and Evaluation app

As the ALMIS Project Manager, designed and coded the "Customer Online Review and Evaluation" (CORE) feedback system to provide transparent, collaborative feedback mechanism within development process. 


Failure Analysis and Reporting System

While serving as a consultant at Dell Computer as a member of the Quality Management Consortium, designed a coded a "Failure Analysis and Reporting System."  Building on work that was done using a singe-user database, I designed and coded a front-end client and query tool to leverage failure analysis data to improve the customer experience and reduce support costs.

<add screencap and link when I get permission>


mBay School Book Auction Site

While at University of Texas, designed and coded mBay School Book Auction Site.  Written with Oracle back end and hosted on a school server that has since been shut down, so you can't access it now, but we created a PDF that shows what the site looked like in May 1999 when we turned it in for a grade.  It was a great opportunity to learn Oracle and PL/SQL.


SQL Queries 

And finally, one of the things I love to do is to use my knowledge of a specific database design and business domain to develop SQL queries that help solve a business problem.  I wrote queries that helped a CGIS investigation of a contractor allegedly overcharging for services for aircraft deployed overseas.  I also wrote queries that helped workforce managers determine how to most efficiently crew missions.  I love this stuff.  Beats making crappy PowerPoint decks for people who don't really need them to make a decision.  Here are a few examples of that fun work.


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