2014 - Present  

Owner, Agile Outcomes, LLC

Lead a small business committed to delivering results that matter. Specialize in agile project management and collaborative acquisition management in the federal government.  Staff includes: DHS Level III Program Manager; PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP); ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coach; and Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). 

  • Provide expertise in Agile project management, Requirements Development, and DHS Acquisitions to support development and execution of the Transportation Security Administration Capability Analysis Process (TSCAP).

  • Provide expertise in Agile project management, strategic planning, and enterprise transformation for Digital Management Inc. (DMI) to execute the Application Product Lines Enterprise Services (APLES) Service Model Transition at the U.S. Coast Guard’s Operations Systems Center.

  • Serve as coach for teams delivering value on IT and non-IT projects.


2013 - 2104  Senior Principal, E3 Federal Solutions, Arlington VA

  • Project Manager for 5 year, $16M Transportation Security Capability Analysis Process (TSCAP) supporting TSA's Office of Security Capabilities (OSC)

  • Delivered structured, repeatable, and transparent process designed to strengthen the TSA’s ability to analyze and improve its holistic security system architecture

  • Orchestrated transition to agile project execution with one-month delivery rhythm

  • (TSCAP is implementing multiple initiatives within OSC's Strategic Plan shared on FedBizOps.gov)

2007 - 2013  Coast Guard Logistics Information Management System (CG-LIMS) Project Manager, Coast Guard Headquarters Washington, DC

  • Managed $1.5 billion acquisition project to replace Coast Guard logistics information systems. Led project, managed cost, schedule, performance, and risk to develop and field enterprise logistics system that integrates disparate aviation, naval, civil, and electronics logistics systems

  • Configuring and implementing Oracle E Business Suite to meet requirements of Coast Guard Business Model

  • Developed and executed strategy to transition system integration from contractor to Coast Guard; recognized by DHS Chief Procurement Officer for innovative leadership using collaborative social media tools including wiki and blog to engage with industry to develop acquisition strategy; set example within Federal government of successful pre-RFP industry engagement

  • Developed and executed strategy to transition project from waterfall to Agile methodology, exceeded expectations by delivering first release under budget in less than six months

 2006 - 2007 Aviation Transition Manager, Coast Guard Headquarters

  • Planned and executed transition from initial acquisition to sustainment of aviation portfolio within 20‐year, $25 billion project. Coordinated development and approval of all transition timelines across program phases.

  • Developed interim support plan for HC-­‐144 fixed wing aircraft

  • Researched and authored independent strategic analysis of $503 million Eagle Eye VUAV acquisition for Program Executive Officer

  • Planned and executed third-party study that served as catalyst to redefine Coast Guard’s unmanned aerial vehicle strategy

 2003 - 2006 Engineering Officer, Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City, NJ

  • Led workforce of 100, managed $450K budget to plan and execute maintenance and aircrew development for six HH‐65 helicopters and support facilities.

  • Focused engineering efforts as first operational unit to transition to re‐engined H‐65 aircraft; creatively solved sparing, ground support, and training issues to exceed operational availability target

  • Led first Atlantic City crew in post-Hurricane Katrina rescue operations; saved 50 lives

  • National Capital Region Rotary Wing Air Intercept Mission Planning Officer: Established aviation detachment at Reagan National Airport; conducted strategic planning, determined number of aircraft and human resources needed to balance operational proficiency and maintenance requirements

  • H-65 Aircraft Commander: Complete responsibility for $5 million multi‐mission helicopter and crew

1999 - 2003 Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Supply Center Elizabeth City, NC

Aviation Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS) Project Manager

  • Managed $12.3 million project to integrate Aviation Maintenance Management Information System (AMMIS) and the Aviation Computerized Maintenance System (ACMS), develop the Electronic Aircraft Logbook, and develop a Decision Support System to make information accessible to decision-makers across the enterprise.

  • Delivered system to manage over 200 aircraft and $1 billion of aircraft spare parts; transformed Coast Guard logistics by extending business model to all standard boats, patrol boats, and other product lines.

  • Minimized cost and extended system life with browser‐based front end, leveraging Ingres database

  • Developed and executed change management plan; provided initial face‐to‐face training at every Coast Guard Air Station, formed and mentored implementation team to provide all subsequent training; system implementation viewed as gold standard within Coast Guard

  • H-60 Aircraft Commander: Complete responsibility for $15 million multi‐mission helicopter and crew

  • Led combined government and industry integrated product team

  • Developed and executed strategy to meet project sponsor’s requirements on time and on budget

  • Executed robust Risk Management Process using Risk Radar

  • Led team that conducted SWOT analysis to select technologies and strategy for combination of new development and integration of legacy applications

  • Delivered system to manage over 200 aircraft and $1 billion of aircraft spare parts; system later leveraged to transform Coast Guard logistics by extending business model to all standard boats, patrol boats, and other product lines.

  • Delivered information system comprised of Active Server Page-based custom development and Cognos reporting and OLAP cubes

  • Minimized cost and extended life of system by building browser-based front end while leveraging Ingres back-end database

  • Captivated audience with speech on usability and application development at 2003 Innovation Expo

  • Combined knowledge of business domain and SQL to develop evidence needed by CG Investigative Services to prosecute fraudulent overcharging government for fuel

  • Combined knowledge of business domain and SQL to analyze and correct longstanding deficiencies in how CG captured aircraft deployment data

  • During standup of development team, developed active server page-based framework for application to share vision of final product

  • Developed active server page-based action item tracking system, customer online review and prototype evaluation tool

1998 - 1999 Quality Management Consortia University of Texas at Austin

  • Consulted with Dell computer 10 hours per week as graduate student

  • Developed Failure Analysis Information System for Latitude (corporate laptop) line of business, modified client server MS Access application to browser-based tool

  • Developed and implemented system for capturing, displaying, and reporting metrics for failure analysis process

  • Provided strategic analysis and recommendations to senior executives on corporate information system architecture, governance, and integration with quality management system

1997 - 1999 Full-time graduate student

  • Co-webmaster for Information Management Association student group

  • Developed prototype “mBay,” auction-site, browser-based, database driven auction system

  • Developed prototype active server page / MS Access based Employee Self Service System application

1992 - 1997 Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, Elizabeth City, NC

  • Rotary Wing Engineering Officer (4/1996 to 6/1997): Led workforce of 40, managed $4 million aircraft parts inventory and $300K budget

  • H-60 Aircraft Commander: Managed risk to keep crew safe and accomplish the mission

  • Led cross-functional team to overhaul unit supply system to comply with first ever Department of Transportation Inspector General audit of unit aircraft supply process

  • Responsible for all aspects of maintenance for three HH-60J helicopters and support facilities

  • First Air Station Public Affairs Officers in the Coast Guard to leverage worldwide web for external communications; learned HTML and created site to host pictures and press releases

  • Led team that developed and implemented hoist mounted camera now in use on every Coast Guard helicopter, gaining priceless positive exposure for service

  • As Public Affairs Officer, actively marketed stories of rescues that lead to numerous national and local news stories, as well as features on shows including Good Morning America, American Journal, Leeza

1991-1992   Undergraduate Pilot Instruction

1989-1991   Operations Officer Coast Guard Cutter Redwood, New London CT

  • Led workforce of 4, managed $150k budget

  • Responsible for maintaining all floating aids to navigation between Execution Rocks, NY and Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

  • Certified as Motorcycle Safety Foundation Motorcycle Safety Instructor, delivered classroom and on-road instruction that gave Coast Guard men and women skills and knowledge needed to stay alive on road


Master of Business Administration (concentration in Information Management)
The University of Texas at Austin  -- Austin, TX
May 1999 Graduated with Honors, 3.91 GPA 

Bachelor of Science in Government
The United States Coast Guard Academy  --  New London, CT
May 1989 Graduated with High Honors, 3.72 GPA


Feb 2018     ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coach (ICP-ACC)
Nov 2015    Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) 
Jun 2013     Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
Nov 2012    Project Mangement Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP)
May 2008   Department of Homeland Security Level III Program Manager
May 2008   Department of Homeland Security Level I Information Technology
Mar 2008    Department of Homeland Security Contracting Officer's Representative 


Homeland Security Acquisition Institute / Defense Acquisition University

  • Mar 2006 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals (ACQ 101)

  • Sep 2006 Intermediate Systems Acquisition (ACQ 201A)

  • Sep 2006 Intermediate Systems Acquisition (ACQ 201B)

  • Oct 2006 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals (LOG 101)

  • Dec 2006 Program Management Tools (PMT 250)

  • Dec 2006 Systems Sustainment Management Fundamentals (LOG 102)

  • Feb 2007 Basic Information System Acquisition (IRM 101)

  • Apr 2007 Program Management Office Course (PMT 352A)

  • Aug 2007 Program Management Office Course (PMT 352B)

  • Apr 2008 Mission Support Planning (CON 110)

  • May 2008 Fundamentals of Systems Planning, Research, Development, and Engineering (SYS 101)

  • Jun 2008 Systems Engineering Management (SYS 202)

  • Nov 2011 Fundamentals of Earned Value Management (BCF 102)

  • Nov 2011 Configuration Management (LOG 304)

  • Feb 2012 Performance Based Logistics (LOG 235)

  • Dec 2014 Capabilities-Based Assessment (CLR 250)

  • Mar 2015 Developing Key Performance Parameters (CLR 252)

  • Mar 2016 DHS Joint Requirements Integration and Management System Overview (FCL DHS 0026)

  • Jun 2016 DHS Core Concepts of Operational Requirements Engineering (FQN 466)

  • Oct 2016 DHS Fundamentals of System Engineering (SE 101)

  • Mar 2018 Fundamentals of Technology / Security Transfer (ACQ 130)

  • Oct 2019 DHS Fundamentals of Cost Analysis (BCE 106)

Defense Acquisition University Continuous Learning

  • Nov 2005 Harvard Business School Finance Essentials (HBS 108)

  • Nov 2005 Analysis of Alternatives (CLM 101)

  • Nov 2005 Contracting for the Rest of Us (CLC 011)

  • Nov 2005 Performance Based Logistics (CLL 011)

  • Nov 2005 Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems (CLL 008)

  • Nov 2005 Technical Reviews (CLE 003)

  • Nov 2005 Cost as an Independent Variable (CLB 012)

  • May 2007 Integrated Product Team Management and Leadership (CLM 014)

  • May 2007 Contracting Officer Representative with a Mission Focus (CLC 106)

  • Apr 2008 Introduction to Earned Value Management (CLB 016)

  • Apr 2008 Cost Analysis (CLB 007)

  • Oct 2019 Core Concepts for Requirements Management (RQM 110)

  • Oct 2019 Intellectual Property and Data Rights (CLE 068)

  • Oct 2019 Probability Trees ( CLB 034)

  • Oct 2019 Analysis of Alternatives (CLR 151)

  • Oct 2019 Market Research for Engineering and Technical Personnel (CLE 028)

  • Oct 2019 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (CLE 035)

  • Oct 2019 Introduction to Agile Software Acquisition (CLE 076)

  • Oct 2019 Market Research (CLC 004)

  • Oct 2019 Rates Essentials (CLB 029)

Federal Acquisition Institute

  • Nov 2001 Practical Software and Systems Measurement (CLE 060)

  • Nov 2005 Contracting Officer’s Representative Mentor Program (FAI 913)

  • Nov 2005 USCG Simplified Acquisition (SAP) Checklist (FAI 927)

  • Nov 2005 CSC Contracting 101 Acquisition Planning (FAC 933)

  • Oct 2016 Agile Acquisitions 101 (FCL-A-0024)

  • Oct 2019 Joint Requirements Integration Management System Overview (FAC 061)

Other Acquisition Training

  • Jul 1999 Contracting Officer’s Representative Course

  • Oct 2007 Capital Asset Planning and the Exhibit 300

  • Feb 2009 IBM: Using Telelogic System Architect to Create (DoDAF) Work Products

Other Training

  • May 1991 Certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor

  • Feb 1994 Certified USCG Team Facilitator


  • 2003 Meritorious Service Medal for leading and delivering Aviation Logistics Information Management System (ALMIS) Project

  • 2005 Alex Haley Award for Journalism


  • Project Management Institute (PMI)

  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

  • American Council for Technology - Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC)


  • Move easily between office automation and graphic arts production tools on Windows and Mac

  • Skilled in using MS Visio, Project, Word, Excel (including Solver and @Risk), Access, PowerPoint

  • Tableau

  • Expert Choice

  • Decision Lens


  • Screenflow

  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • RoboHelp

  • Cognos Impromptu Web Reports

  • Cognos PowerPlay Cubes

  • Camtasia Snag It

  • iShowU

  • Structured Query Language

  • Arena

  • Logical Decisions


  • Operational member of Fairfax County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

  • Trained, scheduled, and participated actively in local church ministry

  • Taught religious eduction to 8th, 9th and 10th grade students

  • Volunteered weekly as teacher's assistant in kindergarten classroom


  • Active runner, completed over twenty marathons

  • Finished first Boston Marathon in blistering heat of 2012

  • Finished 2013 Boston Marathon

Flight Experience

Total Flight Time: 2944.1                  
Military: 2885.5 Private: 58.6
Fixed Wing: 170.3 Rotary wing: 2715.2
Turbine: 2885.5 Instrument: 319.0
Night: 627.9 NVG: 239.7

Downloadable resume:

Resume: 20180222_Resume_Taylor (50 KB PDF)