Question 1: What gives me meaning? In other words, what provides me with a sense of purpose?

teaching: helping others to "aha" moments

leading executives to strategic insights

sharing something I know that helps another, particularly w/r/t strategic visioning, use of enterprise or personal technology

helping business people to "aha" moments that can help them better serve their customers

helping people manage and use information effectively to provide them more time in their day and more value from their labor

teaching people things they can use immediately:  flying, faith, computers

teaching people how to use computers to improve their work and their lives

helping others reach their potential

using helicopter to save lives

helping improve software tools to better serve users

Question 2: What gives me pleasure?  In other words, what do I enjoy doing?



public speaking on topics about which I have knowledge and expertise that can benefit them

figuring out stuff and sharing it

being around aviation community

putting together stuff like the demos and screencasts

learning and teaching new stuff 

using knowledge of business, data model, and SQL to provide business insight 

creating in short iterations


learning, then applying and helping others to apply

building decision models using excel or simulation tools

using sharp tools to solve interesting problems that matter

being trusted to work remotely

Question 3:  What are my strengths? In other words, what am I good at?

public speaking

leading people to think strategically

teaching people how to use IT systems 

broadcast voice

teaching adults

teaching kids


using technology 

running effective meetings

learning new things

learning new computer applications

using computer tools to solve problems

developing excel decision models

developing simple apps

providing vision for teams 

providing focus for teams 

finding patterns