Several friends asked me to share the slideshow I shared during my remarks at my retirement on May 31st.

Below are links to the original file and several versions.

I created the presentation using Keynote on a Mac.  If you're a Mac user, you can download the Keynote file:

     Keynote (78 MB .zip)

I also exported the Keynote presentation in several formats.

You can download a Quicktime movie version:

     Quicktime (408 MB .mov)

Once you start the movie, the slides advance each five seconds.  That'll get you through in under 7 minutes.  That's far less than the real life experience on the 31st.  Be thankful.

If you're using a PC that doesn't have Quicktime installed, you can watch the movie on YouTube: 

And finally, if you're using a PC that doesn't have Quicktime and makes it hard to watch YouTube, you can download a version exported to PowerPoint.  The transitions will be different from the real show, but the photos are the same.  You'll get the general idea:

     PowerPoint (66 MB .ppt)

Eventually I'll make a proper post to share some photos and some video from the celebration.  But I wanted to get this out quickly since folks were asking for it.