My Three Words for 2013: Matter, Simplify, Renew

My three words for this year are Matter, Simplify, Renew.  As I explained in my previous post, I'll be transitioning from the Coast Guard this year after 28 years in uniform.  My remaining 150 days have to count.


Matter:  I intend to use my remaining 150 days for maximum effect.  This is the time for me to live out the guidance to "only do what only you can do."  For me, this will mean there are many important one-time things I need to do while I still have the chance.  But it also means taking stock of the recurring things I do and making sure that I've taught someone else to do them.  Or if it's not important enough to pass to someone else, I will intentionally let it go.  This process will create many opportunities for sharing within my team and throughout the organization.

Simplify:  This year I need to sharpen my work team's focus so we can turn the product we've been iterating throughout 2012 into something that is a truly useful tool for the folks who work so hard to support and maintain the Coast Guard's aircraft, boats, and shore facilities.  I've tried many experiments at work and at home to do work smarter.  Some cruft has built up in the lab.  This year I'll intentionally lock in those changes or let them go. 

Renew:  As I approach my military retirement, much of my energy this year will be used doing stuff related to that event.  But it's no surprise that I'm not really "retiring."  I'll just be filling my time with things other than serving as an active duty military officer.  Once I transition from the military, there will be another purpose I'll fulfill.  I don't know what it will be, but I'm excited to find out.  I will frame this event as a "renewal" rather than a "retirement."  This year I will let go of my role in the Coast Guard, then enjoy some down time to reconnect with my family, then move forward purposefully in a direction that hasn't been revealed to me yet.  I've chosen "Renew" to remind me each day to frame this year as a year for renewal, not retirement.

Matter, Simplify, Renew.  My three words for 2013.

2012 3 Words:  Care, Simplify, Share