Open Work

photo credit:  Olivander

photo credit: Olivander

In a previous post, I shared a recommendation from a great book for folks in transition: Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment.

The book motivated me to think clearly and specifically about the answer to three questions: what gives me meaning, what do I enjoy, and what are my strengths. Identifying the intersection of those answers has been a useful tool to help me focus my future work.

Since writing that post, a few friends who are also navigating the transition process said they've been reading this blog and have found it useful. That feedback felt great!

For the past few months, I've been building the answers in a simple text file and adding to it when I think of it.  Armed with the knowledge that I have an audience of at least four, I decided to take the openness a step further and share my current answers to those three questions.  Here is the current version of the answers.  They aren't  final.   I'll keep changing and updating them over the next few months.

My goal in sharing is two-fold: First, I want to motivate one of the readers to actually sit down and make their own list.  Perhaps by seeing mine, they'll realize it doesn't need to be perfect.  The most important thing is to just start.

Second, I want to motivate myself to keep up the hard thinking to refine my own answers to help decide what I want to do in the next iteration.